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Selected Work

In-Progress Web App Design Revamp for FamZoo

Responsibilities: Brand consultation, UI/UX design for marketing website, blog, as well as web and mobile app interface. Print design work for stationary, advertisements, posters and more!

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Let's start with the end result: our customers routinely compliment us on the look and feel of our design. The design matches the goals of our brand perfectly, and it's a key element in delivering a positive overall user experience.

Bill Dwight, CEO & Founder

Screenshot of Poem page for Family Friend Poems

Responsibilities: Brand discovery, identity elements for print and web, mobile-friendly UI/UX design, social media graphics.

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The Brand Guidelines have been invaluable. They succinctly describe our goals, who we are, what values we represent and what message we want to present. I share it with all new hires, and I reread it to remind myself what the site goals are when making financial decisions. Following the Brand Guidelines, we increased our Facebook page followers from 100,000 to 500,000 over one year

Aaron S, Founder
Family Friend Poems

Screenshot of Sutin, Thayer & Browne Homepage

Responsibilities: Brand discovery, mobile-friendly UI/UX design, ExpressionEngine implementation and speed optimization.

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Our firm wanted a website that reflects the level of skill and sophistication our clients expect and receive from our lawyers. I knew we had liftoff when the firm’s lawyers on the project said they loved [Lea]'s design.

Kelly Brewer, Director of Marketing & Communications
Sutin, Thayer & Browne

Screenshot of ctrlclickcast.com homepage

Responsibilities: Brand discovery, identity elements for print and web, mobile-friendly UI/UX design, social media graphics, ExpressionEngine implementation and speed optimization.

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A much-needed step outside the usual suspects.
RATING: ★★★★★
There are a million and one podcasts in the areas of design, web design, UX, product design and development, etc—and they all pretty much cover the same ground: best practices, processes, tactical methods, etc — constrained within very defined boundaries in the category of "doing the work."... Lea and Emily do an excellent job of covering the human part of Design, UX and product development work, the hearts and souls hard at work, making the Web more human. THIS is the stuff that people need most. This is the HARD part of doing this work, this is where people struggle most, and this is an area where there's high urgency around finding solutions. Well worth your time.

Joe Natoli, UX Evangelist
iTunes Review

Screenshot of UltimateReminders.com Blog Landing

Responsibilities: Brand discovery, brand consultation, mobile-friendly UI/UX design, Craft CMS implementation and speed optimization. Graphic design for social media and book promotion.

The new site is so much easier to maintain, is highly scalable to my business, and takes my brand and my brand sophistication to a much higher level — not incrementally but exponentially. Thank you for raising my game and giving me an even more expansive view of what's possible for me and for my business!

Gina DeLapa, Author & Speaker
Ultimate Reminders

Lea Alcantara portrait

Hi, I'm Lea!

Photo of Lea Alcantara speaking at ConvergeSE 2013

"Lealea" means happiness in Hawaiian.* It also translates to an international roster of happy clients! I help paint an accurate and attractive reflection of clients' brands through color, type and code. For over fifteen years, I've designed digital experiences with a personality that also fulfills client and audience goals.

All with sass and class.

My thoughts on design and the web industry have been shared on various publications such as .net Magazine, Applied Arts, The Edmonton Journal and A List Apart. I also co-hosted and produced CTRL+CLICK CAST, one of the longest-running (8+ years!) design and tech podcasts out there!

A prolific industry speaker, I've logged almost 30 speaking engagements since 2007, including Future of Web Design NYC, SXSW Interactive and HOW Design Live. Beyond my passion for design, I'm a major CMS aficionado (Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine are my jam) and a fervent advocate for diversity and inclusion. In my spare time, find me binge-watching documentaries about food, planning trips around said food, and obsessively taking photos (yes, you guessed it — of that food).

Clifton Strengths Top 5 Themes

  1. Input
  2. Relator
  3. Maximizer
  4. Communication
  5. Command

* I'm Filipino-Canadian, so this was a happy (see what I did there?) accident

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  • Site Discovery

  • UX/UI Design

  • CMS Integration

  • Training & Mentorship

My Philosophy

  • Design and development is ultimately in service of audience and company goals. Not the goal itself.
  • Content and strategy before execution.
  • Fearless feedback is key to communication
  • Flexibility is a cornerstone of web design and development
  • The web is for everyone — accessibility for all!

My Design Process

Articles, podcasts, and presentations with a peek inside my brain:

Professional Highlights

  • Self-starter with an entrepreurial mindset
  • Team player with a leadership bent
  • Analytical and creative thinker
  • Optimistic realist